Our Kickstarter successfully funded December 21, 2015!

Flip Dice are two-sided dice that are ⅛” thick and ¾” square. They are made out of aluminum, anodized in a vibrant color (which means the color is actually embedded in the metal), and best of all, fully handcrafted here in America. There is the 6-1 die, the 5-2 die, the 4-3 die, and the die that sets these dice apart, the infamous 7-0 die.

We designed these dice to solve the problem of all the mindless dice rolling that goes on in many of the classic games we play (or used to play). Take Monopoly for example. A great classic game. But, for me, it gets boring after a while mainly because you just roll the dice and have no control over the outcome. Now, with Flip Dice you can take back control.

How? Simply. Say you’re looking ahead on the board and an 11 would be greatly beneficial to you. In the old way of playing (rolling two standard d6’s), your odds of making an 11 are exactly 5.56%. But, you never think of the odds, you just hope and roll.

Well, not with Flip Dice. Now, you can have a strategy behind every roll. So you grab the 6-1 and the 5-2 dice (because our house rules for Monopoly allow us to use any or all of the Flip Dice at a time). With only two dice, you only have four possible outcomes, and thus, you know that you have a 25% chance of making an 11 (check out our probability chart). You then quickly glance back at the board to check your other outcomes. 3 isn’t bad. 6 won’t hurt you. 8 is the only one that would hurt. So you like your odds and roll the dice, and just like that, you’re fully engaged in a game you had gotten bored of long ago.

And it’s not only Monopoly, Flip Dice can breathe life back into many classics.  Please join our effort toward creating a community of people that are using Flip Dice to bring strategy and excitement back into game night by not only playing our rule variations, but creating Flip Dice variations of your own.  Contact us today and share your favorite Flip Dice variations!  We'd love to hear from you :)

Thank you,

Nikki Heikkinen
Founder, Pencil Pusher Games