Pencil Pusher Golf

Pencil Pusher Golf Notepad Dexterity Game


in Business, it's important to stand out!

So, skip the traditional methods of promotion!!  Our Promotional Notepads come equipped with Pencil Pusher Golf, a dexterity-based golf game.  

*****59% more effective than traditional methods of promotion*****  

Let your customers and clients do more than just jot down a note.  Let them play a game on your notepads, a game that will help them de-stress.  How, you ask? Well, repetitive motions — like the fine motor skills used to play this dexterity game — have been found to soothe anxiety.  What better way to get your name in front of your customers?!?  You'll help them de-stress, and they'll feel great about doing business with you :)  

The game is simple.  Lay a hexagonal pencil down sideways on the bottom of the notepad.  Push it to the desired power level grid number on the sides of the pad for the distance of each golf shot.  Play 9 holes.  Click here for the rules to the game.  Visit our Shop to purchase this promotional game.